Bad luck comes in 3s

They say bad luck comes in 3s, if you believe in all that stuff. And while I’m not a superstitious person, I reckon it’s probably true. How do I know?

Well back in 2009 Mick and Andy decided they were finished playing with other peoples drag racing cars, and it was time to bite the bullet and get one of their own. This didn’t take too long to sort out, as a good friend, Gonzo, just happened to have the perfect car sitting on a hoist in his workshop. A Granny Smith green, 1969, 2 door LC Torana with a small block Chev engine.

It was meant to be. Both of Mick and Andy are 1969 babies, and Andys very first car was an LC Torana.

So Andy handed over some money and everyone got to work making modifications to the car (as it was previously owned by a giant Brenton Baxter) and training Andy how to drive it.

So licensing day finally arrives. Everyone is ready. Messages of support are coming in from friends in the drag racing community.

“OK, so lets just do some last minute burnout and launch practice in my car park” Gonzo suggested.

So Andy is all suited up in her race gear, strapped into the driver’s seat and the boys push the car all the way back to the far end of the car park. Mick puts a little water down to help with the burnout process, and Gonzo sets up a pretend start line. It’s great. The burnout process goes well, but the launch sequence is a little more complicated.

Andy totally cooked the convertor and transmission.

So the drag racing community came together to pull and all nighter and rebuild the converter and transmission ready for the following day of licensing at the race track. While they were all working, Andy and Mick went home to relax and mentally prepare for the following day.

So that was one …

Once home, Mick jumps in the shower to wash off all the days grime, grease and stresses. Unfortunately what should have been a relaxing hot shower turned into cold reality when Mick slipped and impaled his arm on the shower tap. OUCH!!!!

So the following day when they should have been at the drag racing track getting licensed, Andy was waiting for Mick to come out of micro surgery.

That’s two …

The end of the drag racing season was looming, and Mick’s arm was well on the mend, so Gonzo suggested a couple of testing days at the track would be perfect opportunity for licensing.

Then number 3 changed everyones plans …

On the 30th March 2010 Andy was diagnosed with agressive breast cancer. There would be no licensing, as there would be no drag racing for a while.

But it was just a delay. Mick, Andy and everyone arou

nd them knew it would just be a matter of time. Andy had her goal of driving the little green Torana and she used that goal as inspiration and focus. Everyone at the hospital would hear about her plans, and everyone at the race track offered up encouragement and support.

Until finally it was time. Andy

had won the ultimate battle. No more drugs, no more radiation, no more surgery, no more cancer.

Winners all ’round …

On the 29th of October 2011, with her post chemo hair still short and very curly, surrounded by amazing friends and an immensely proud hubby, Andy stood up on stage to accept the runner up trophy for her very first drag race.

And I haven’t look back since. I now race every chance I get and I share my passion with anyone who will listen. We all have to have a dream to focus on when times are tough, but how many can actually say they went out and achieved it. Face your fears and live your dreams!!
~Andy Kahle