The Team behind Therapy on Wheels

Some regulars at the Perth Motorplex may remember Andy and Mick being involved in the drag racing scene (through Fatboyz Racing) for many years prior to Andy stepping into the driver’s seat. Mick usually with his head under the bonnet, and Andy behind the camera, or on the computer checking stats. Following their purchase of the LC Torana in 2009, Andy and Mick brought a new team together. Initially out of necessity and a common love of motorsport, Grunt Monkey Racing – the team behind Therapy on Wheels – quickly forged a lifelong friendship at and away from the track.

The Grunt Monkey Race Team

Husband and Wife Team

They’re not your typical couple, but their differences complement each other. Mick (often seen with his back facing the camera) is more comfortable working on the car, and directing Andy on the race track. He is super supportive of Andy’s passion, working tirelessly behind the scenes and always being ready as a sounding board for Andy’s crazy new ideas, but he definitely prefers to stay in the background, leaving the social aspect to Andy.

Whether she’s at the race track or a community event, Andy is the social butterfly equally comfortable talking about racing, breast cancer or the technical details of the Mercedes Benz build and the charity behind it. A lady of many talents, the smiley face in front of the camera, the serious drive behind the wheel, and the caring conversation to the side when needed.

The Girls

Wendy and Jo are also not your typical couple, but they fit in perfectly, complementing the team with their passion and enthusiasm for the sport and the cause. Initially joining the team through a recommendation from a mutual friend, Wendy only came along to support her partner Jo’s passion for motorsport. Self confessed “never get your hands dirty” kind of girl, Wendy has become an integral part of the team, lending her hand to race data entry, tow driving, ‘chute packer, feeding the team and photographer. Wendy also loves the shows and events, often seen encouraging everyone to get their photo taken in the car, and handing out goody bags.

Jo is more like Mick, where she prefers to help out behind the scenes and in the workshop. She’s the first one to be seen under the car or with a dirty rag hanging from her pocket, listening to the technical conversations from the sidelines, and learning the ropes as backup crew chief.