Behind Therapy on Wheels

Therapy on Wheels, founded by Andy and Mick, has its roots in the Perth Motorplex drag racing scene where the duo, known for their involvement in Fatboyz Racing, spent many years as spectators and crew.

With Mick tinkering under the hood and Andy capturing footage or working the stats through the computer, they eventually bought an LC Torana in 2009 and formed Grunt Monkey Racing.

Years ago, a shared passion for motorsport brought together many racers and fans who have now formed a strong bond that goes beyond the track. This type of friendship is what forms the foundation of Therapy on Wheels.

The Race Team

Andy and Mick like to provide the opportunity to see behind the scenes, so you’re likely to see sometimes familiar and sometimes different faces when they’re on show or at the track. But everyone is friendly and comes with a smile.

Husband and Wife Team

They’re not your typical couple, but their differences complement each other. Mick (often seen with his back facing the camera) is more comfortable working on the car, and directing Andy on the race track. He is super supportive of Andy’s passion, working tirelessly behind the scenes and always being ready as a sounding board for Andy’s crazy new ideas, but he definitely prefers to stay in the background, leaving the social aspect to Andy.

Whether she’s at the race track or a community event, Andy is the social butterfly equally comfortable talking about racing, breast cancer or the technical details of the Mercedes Benz build and the charity behind it. A lady of many talents, the smiley face in front of the camera, the serious drive behind the wheel, and the caring conversation to the side when needed.