Therapy on Wheels is
creating 200kph+ smiles

Dealing with the anxieties surrounding cancer diagnosis then compounding it with life’s daily stresses, can take its toll on not only a patients’ recovery process but on the mental wellbeing of the entire family. Therapy on Wheels has brought the motorsport community together to provide the kind of support that keeps the whole family smiling.

While being strapped into the seat of a 200kph+ Supercharged HellCat Mercedes Benz drag race car may not seem like therapy, there’s a lot more to motorsport than just the squeal of tyres and roar of engines. Adrenaline based activity has long been used to increase endorphins, in turn aiding in the decrease of stress, depression and anxiety. Simply sharing time, experiences, laughter and stories behind the scenes, with our supportive motorsport family can equally allow you to recharge those emotional batteries with a big smile.

Who we help

A cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment affects the emotional health and wellbeing of patients, families, friends and caregivers in turn affecting their relationships and even resulting in problems coping with work or school. Therefore it’s important to recognise the need for and the benefits of taking time away from the day to day stresses, to release those built up emotional pressures. It’s important to find a reason to smile.

“What a buzz. Just being around the energy of the Therapy on Wheels team has really lifted my spirits.”

Why we help

Because regardless of who you are, where you’re from, what you do, or how old you are ….  dealing with Cancer sux. But when you’re part of a supportive community, you can use the collective emotional support to find an inner strength.

With many families in the motorsport community finding the emotional support of fellow enthusiasts invaluable during their own struggles, Andy and Mick decided this was an experience and community that should be shared.

“Seeing my passenger smile actually gives me a bigger rush than the race itself …”

How you can help

While Cancer affects people in many different ways, so do the reasons and the ways of helping. We are only able to provide our unique therapeutic support to families who have – or are going through – the arduous breast cancer journey, with your help. Your superhero actions can create a lot of smiles.

“How exciting to be able to support this amazing project in just a small way.”