We know this, and you know this. So how can we make it a little bit better for everyone involved? Andy (Drag Racer & Breast Cancer Survivor) and Nick (Drag Racer & hubby of Cancer Survivor) had a thought …

“We share our drag racing experience with others going through this journey to brighten their day!”

it can SUCK LESS!!

Therapy On Wheels mission is simply to put smiles on faces by providing drag racing passenger rides as therapy for families aswell as fundraising and awareness for Breast Cancer Care WA, who also put smiles on faces.


Experienced licensed drag racer, and Breast Cancer survivor Andy Kahle will take her race kitted out passenger for the race car ride of their life in a fully customised Mercedes Benz, racing from a standing stop to the quarter mile finish line at over 200kph. The CLK320 Mercedes Benz has also been modified to allow for charity passenger rides around circuit, “off” street and country tracks.

While most of the public only see the adrenaline side of the sport as the vehicles are racing down or around the track, we invite everyone to come and see behind the scenes. Because we believe personal involvement in a community sport – like drag racing – helps the entire family to occassionally step away from the pressure of their difficult journey through cancer.

We know, because we’ve been there.


Separate to the racing experience, Therapy on Wheels Inc. is available for display at various fundraisers, shows, events and public locations throughout the entire year.

The main teams behind Therapy on Wheels Inc. (Grunt Monkey Racing & Kaos Racing), have had many years of displaying their drag racing cars at various shows, inviting the public to try out the drivers seat and ask questions. It is our belief that these cars are to be enjoyed, not just looked at and admired.

As a Breast Cancer survivor, Andy (our primary driver) is also a regular public speaker at clubs, schools and fundraisers. Andy’s talks are filled with humour, tears, silliness and a pure raw honesty.