World First

A Mercedes Benz wouldn’t be most peoples choice of car to turn into a drag racer, but it’s for precisely this reason that we did. We wanted something different, that hadn’t been done before, something that would turn heads and get noticed. We also wanted the type of car that would attract the attention of every type of car and motorsport enthusiast, both young and old. Besides … she has class.

Mercedes Benz in the Build

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Vehicle Specs

Supercharged “HellCat” Hemi, 6.2l / 376cu – 527kW / 707hp
Premium 98 Octane Fuel
Reid cased Powerglide, Hurst Shifter
Allfast Billet 9.5” Torque Converter, Custom Radiators, Davies Craig EWP Water Pumps
Holley Dominator ECU, Shiftkits Australia Custom Wiring
32”x14” Pro Bracket Radial Rear Tyres
Mercedes 16”x7” Polished Alloy Front Wheels
McDonalds Brothers 4-Link Rear Suspension12-point Chromoly Roll Cage, Fibreglass Bonnet with Custom Hinges, Speedflow Australia Hoses and Fittings
… and so much more