Our Community

While some people can stand strong and “go it alone”, it’s a rare person who doesn’t benefit from the support and comfort of friends and family around them when they’re going through a difficult time.

Motorsport People

Rev Heads or simply enthusiasts, the people who work and play within the motorsport community are as diverse as they are passionate about their sport. Although highly competitive on the race track, you’ll see teams swapping tools and helping each other out in the pit areas, ringing each other for advice between race meets, or simply catching up for a BBQ and bit of “bench racing” in the off season.

This is a community of hardworking and inspiring people who love their community and their family as much as they do their vehicles and their sport, with many also involved in fundraising and charitable events, helping out where they can.

Breast Cancer Care WA

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be life-changing and confusing. If you need support with this change, the Breast Cancer Care WA team can walk you through some, or many parts of your journey, tailored to your specific needs. And the best part is that it’s all completely free-of-charge.

The team at Breast Cancer Care WA are able to provide information and support  to women and men affected by breast cancer, as well as their partners and families, throughout the WA community, from the time of diagnosis, through to treatment and follow up. Without any government funding, they are able to provide services that include specialist breast care nursing care, counselling, access to peer-appropriate support groups, therapeutic workshops, financial and practical support, wellness education and breast care awareness.

If you’re not sure where to start, then how about beginning with a conversation. A phone call to Breast Cancer Care WA where you can talk about your situation, your particular needs, or they can answer any questions you have about your breast cancer experience. No case is the same, and from here, your experience with the team will be unique to you.