Our Story – Our Team

There isn’t a show or event that goes by with someone asking, “what made you do this”, and “why did you choose this car”? But to tell the story properly, we probably need to go back to the beginning … early in 2010.

The Mercedes 

A Mercedes Benz wouldn’t be most peoples choice of car to turn into a drag racer, but it’s for precisely this reason that we did. We wanted something different, that hadn’t been done before, something that would turn heads and get noticed. We also wanted the type of car that would attract the attention of every type of car and motorsport enthusiast, both young and old. Besides … she has class.

Community Support

While some people can stand strong and “go it alone”, it’s a rare person who doesn’t benefit from the support and comfort of friends and family around them when they’re going through a difficult time. The motorsport community in general, and specifically the drag racing community are one big extended family, looking out for each other and providing support and guidance where and when it’s needed. Breast Cancer Care WA is another such supportive community, looking out for the patients and their families throughout Western Australia, from the moment they are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Bringing these two groups of people together is how Therapy on Wheels helps out, providing a supportive network of people within a positive and inspiring environment.