Reflecting on an Unforgettable Race for a Cause

Reflecting on an Unforgettable Race for a Cause

What a race it was! The Race for a Cause Charity Challenge at Perth Motorplex‘s Drag Racing Grand Opening on October 28, 2023, will be etched in our memories for a long time. Therapy On Wheels secured three wins, while Beat the Heat claimed two victories in this best-of-five showdown.

The day kicked off with both teams hitting the track early for some practice laps with the Super Sedan racers. Hemi Headquarters was fine-tuning their engine and rear end setup, getting ready for a night of power and consistency.

In the Chicago Shootout – Dial Your Own style racing, our Hemi-powered Mercedes proudly boasted a new personal best, clocking 9.32 seconds at 145.69 mph (234.48 kph).

The coin toss went our way as Andy won it, giving us the advantage in the first pass. However, a mishap at the tower led to a head-to-head race that wasn’t entirely fair, considering the Hellcat’s speed advantage. Both teams took it in good spirits and prepared for the next round.

After the first round, Mick was in the pits, adding race tape to the Merc’s sunroof (we probably should’ve paid more attention to that Mercedes-Benz sunroof recall notice).

The second round brought a surprising red light from Andy, handing the win to Lee and Beat the Heat. Nonetheless, Andy’s impressive 9.302 on a 9.30 dial-in at 145.64 mph (234.40 kph) marked a new personal best.

With one win each, the evening rounds witnessed one of the tightest races of the night. Despite both racers breaking out, Andy clinched the win by a mere 0.032 seconds.

As both teams, along with many other racers, achieved personal bests due to the favourable weather conditions, they decided to spice things up by adjusting their dial-in times and switching lanes. Regrettably, Lee red-lit, conceding the win and the challenge to Andy in the Therapy On Wheels Hemi Powered Mercedes.

Even though the challenge had been secured, both racers put on an incredible show for the final round. Lee delivered a massive burnout, a tradition for the Beat the Heat team, while Andy’s Merc showed its wild side on the pad. Lee managed to stay ahead of the Merc all the way down the track, crossing the finish line just 0.038 seconds ahead, proving that this was a night of very close racing with 2 very well matched teams.

The final trophy presentation, held at the halfway mark, featured a magnificent custom perpetual trophy courtesy of Perth Motorplex. It was presented to Andy and the team on behalf of the ultimate winner, Breast Cancer Care WA. However, Beat the Heat’s chosen charity, CareFlight Australia, will still receive 40% of all the donations received over the last couple of months. The current total sitting at just over $6100 with still a couple of days left before closing.

This amazing Hellcat Hemi Mercedes would only be a dream if it wasn’t for Simon from Allfast Race Cars agreeing to take up the challenge of building a serious and still classy looking racecar. And also to HEMI Headquarters for building and tuning the HEMI that powers this beast into the top end at amazing speed and consistency. So many others have been involved with the build and have continued to support us on this journey, including AndyK Design, Cosmic Cocktails, Bowdens Car Care Products, Davies Craig, SCM Automotives & Performance, Ryco, Camboon Powdercoaters, Speedflow, WA Suspensions, ANDRA, and countless other businesses and individuals who have been part of this journey.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering dedication of the entire Beat the Heat team, Therapy on Wheels team, AndyK Design, MadBat Films, and Perth Motorplex. It was a team effort that made it all possible, and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support.

Here’s to an unforgettable race, and we look forward to the next exciting chapter in our journey.

Therapy On Wheels Team