Don’t Wait for the Green Light! (Signed)


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by Andy Kahle

There is a saying in drag racing, that if you wait until you see the green light before you leave the start line, you will miss out. So is the case in real life. Sometimes it’s better to put your foot flat to the floor and accelerate to where you want to be. While Andy’s book “Don’t Wait for the Green Light” starts with the uncertainty of a life changing diagnosis, Andy takes this as an opportunity to look at everything with her trademark wry humour. Situations such as the mood lighting and 70s style attire while getting a mammogram, or the nervous foot jiggling, plastic chair wobbling of her husband while she read outdated magazines in the doctors waiting room, Andy has managed to maintain the gravity of her journey while still demonstrating the importance of enjoying every moment and focussing on her ultimate goal of racing again.


Paperback, 190 pages
$5 from each book is donated to Breast Cancer WA




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