Helping out for a great cause

“… it was synergies working together for a common cause … “

This time last year, everyone was pulling out all the stops to launch the very unique Mercedes Benz race car behind the Therapy on Wheels breast cancer charity. It was Breast Cancer Awareness month, race season was getting dangerously close, and still there seemed so much left to do to get the Hellcat Mercedes up and running.

One of the big problems that arose during the build was once the rear window had been removed it was not a simple fix to just pop it back in the frame.  Mercedes Benz like to do things differently, so the window was unique – meaning every care had to be taken not to damage it – and the rubber seal was a difficult and expensive item to get hold of, especially on short notice.

But a quick call to Dave and Cristina at D&C Auto Glass, and suddenly it wasn’t a problem anymore. Nothing was too much trouble, and we’re pretty sure both Dave and Cristina got an extra kick out of working on such a unique race car. Especially one for such a worthy cause.

Dave and Cristina came out to our builders workshop in Malaga, reaffixed the back window, but he didn’t stop there. Looking over the car Dave’s keen eye spotted some chips in the front windscreen that we hadn’t been particularly worried about. To us, they seemed small and insignificant, but Dave was concerned for our safety and that of our passengers.

“Those little chips are a safety issue, especially at the speeds you’ll be doing.”

So without question, he went ahead and made those repairs too.

When asked why they were so eager to help out in our time of need, Cristina said it was a cause close to their heart.

“Last year, we found out our nearly 90 year old father had Stage 4, terminal lung cancer.  He has had a wonderful life immigrating from Italy in 1970 to give his family a new start in a new country.  So cancer is very close to our hearts.

When Andy asked us to work on her Therapy On Wheels racecar, it was synergies working together for a common cause and we couldn’t wait to contribute.”

Dave and Cristina launched D & C Auto Glass in 2010 when they became disillusioned by the poor quality of service that plagued the automotive glass industry.  “We set about to make a difference and since that time, we have grown to be a market leader in servicing businesses and clients for car glass in Perth.”

D & C Auto Glass (Servicing Perth, Western Australia – Ph: 1300 322 886) are known in the industry for incredibly fast personalised service, on the road guarantees and value for money on windscreen replacement and workmanship.   Repairing or replacing a windscreen can be such a drain to a business especially when they need to get their team back on the road and that is why many businesses choose to work with D & C Auto Glass.

“… Therapy On Wheels is creating 200kph smiles for Breast Cancer … “

While being strapped into the seat of a 200kph+ Supercharged HellCat Mercedes Benz drag race car may not seem like therapy, there’s a lot more to motorsport than just the squeal of tyres and roar of engines. Adrenaline based activity has long been used to increase endorphins, in turn aiding in the decrease of stress, depression and anxiety.

We know first hand that dealing with the anxieties surrounding cancer diagnosis then compounding it with life’s daily stresses, can take its toll on not only a patients’ recovery process but on the mental wellbeing of the entire family.

Simply sharing time, experiences, laughter and stories behind the scenes, with our supportive motorsport family can equally allow you to recharge those emotional batteries with a big smile.