Are you keeping emotionally fit?20220204122210

Are you keeping emotionally fit?

"... physical activity helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety ... " It's not a myth put out by gyms to make you sign up, it's a proven fact. By participating in physical activity - and I'm not...
2021 Year in Review20211226081042

2021 Year in Review

2021 started out as a year full of hope and promise. COVID may have been lurking in the background, but here in Western Australia we were living the high life. The racing calendar was full, and there ...
Helping out for a great cause20210819144915

Helping out for a great cause

It was Breast Cancer Awareness month, race season was getting dangerously close, and still there seemed so much left to do to get the Hellcat Mercedes up and racing. And then D&C Auto Glass stepped in...
Best of the West20210315132623

Best of the West

Best of the West: Thanks to a nomination by one of our sponsors, Therapy on Wheels has just been awarded one of the "Best of the West" prizes from Channel 9 and Bankwest, which came with $5000 prize a...
Cash 4 Containers | Therapy On Wheels | Cancer Awareness & Support20210314104050

Cash 4 Containers | Therapy On Wheels | Cancer Awareness & Support

Recycling your containers is a great way to help the environment, but recycling them and donating the proceeds helps us to families deal with the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis and treatment...
Our Story20210222111756

Our Story

There isn't a show or event that goes by with someone asking, "what made you do this", and "why did you choose this car"? But to tell the story properly, we probably need to go back to the beginning ....
Top Euro Car Award20210207132249

Top Euro Car Award

Motorvation 35: Phew, what a weekend. 3 days of heat, wind so strong we took half our marquee down just to be safe, and nearby fires that caused road closures....
WA Drag Racing Grand Final20210207131822
Western Australian Nitro Championship20210207131343
50th Annual WesternNationals20210207130918